portal / talks 2024

June 26th-27th

Port is inviting you to an exciting 2-day virtual event all about developer experience and internal developer portals. Listen to experts from around the globe talk about the latest innovations and tips in DevEx and platform engineering.



Zohar Einy


Zohar is the CEO of Port, an open internal developer portal, which he co-founded with Yonatan Boguslavski. Zohar began his career as a platform engineer, where he was involved, together with Yonatan in the creation of an in-house large scale developer portal. He then joined TLV Partners, as part of the investment team, specializing in developer-centric companies. He was also one of the first employees at Rookout and a co-founder of Aporia, a developer of ML monitoring tools. You can try Port’s product at getport.io.

Abi Noda


Abi is a programmer, researcher, and entrepreneur focused on helping organizations improve developer productivity. He’s the CEO and Co-Founder of DX, a platform for measuring and improving developer experience. In addition to running DX, Abi runs the Engineering Enablement podcast and newsletter covering the latest research and perspectives on developer productivity. Prior to DX, he held CTO roles at several companies and was the founder and CEO of Pull Panda, which was acquired by GitHub in 2019.


Head of DX Consulting Group

Chris Westerhold is the co-founder of Think Big Code Small and the Head of Platforms and Developer Experience for a large consulting firm. Chris has over 15 years of technology experience across start-ups and large enterprises with a major focus on engineering effectiveness, developer platforms, platform engineering, and technical product management. He is a vocal advocate for developers and is passionate about using data-driven approaches to improve it.

Mark Boyd


Founder of Platformable, a data business focused on how APIs can create open ecosystems and enable participation. Platformable focuses on open banking and embedded finance ecosystems, open health and working with multilateral organisations and industries across the globe. It releases trends reports, and runs API and data governance training, mentorship and consultancy services. Mark is also an European Commission-contracted expert, and lead author of the European Commission's API Framework for Governments.



Jennifer Riggins is a culture side of tech storyteller, journalist, writer, and event and podcast host, helping to share the stories where culture and technology collide and to translate the impact of the tech we are building. She has been a working writer since 2003, and is currently based in London. She wrote one of the first books on platform engineering and is a thought leader in the developer productivity space.

Viktor Farcic

Developer Advocate

Viktor is developer advocate at Upbound, a member of the Google Developer Experts, GitHub Stars, CD Foundation groups, and a published author. His big passions are DevOps, Containers, Kubernetes, Microservices, Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD).  He publishes The DevOps Toolkit Series,  DevOps Paradox and Test-Driven Java Development. His random thoughts and tutorials can be found in his blog TechnologyConversations.com.He the host of the DevOps Toolkit YouTube channel and a co-host of the DevOps Paradox  podcast.

Pavel Pikat

Product Owner
AMCS Group

Pavel is a Technical Product Owner at AMCS Group, a renowned market leader in Performance Sustainability. He spearheads the Platform Engineering transformation, focusing on the adoption of Kubernetes and standardization. Pavel's approach includes the adoption of Port as an Internal Developer Portal, effectively abstracting complexity and empowering developer autonomy within the organization.

Louis Bailleul

Chief Enterprise Architect

Louis Bailleul is an engineer and architect with expertise in High Performance Computing and cloud technologies. After getting a Master's Degree in Computer Science from ECE Paris and relocating to London he has spent the last 8 years finding ways to optimise performance and cost efficiency of HPC systems and the last 4 years transitioning HPC and IT systems to the cloud for PGS

Abby Bangser

Principal Engineer

Abby Bangser is a Principal Engineer at Syntasso, where she works on Kratix, an open-source cloud-native framework for building internal platforms on Kubernetes. Her keen interest in supporting internal development comes from over a decade of experience in consulting and product delivery roles across platforms, site reliability, and quality engineering.
Abby is an international keynote speaker and co-host of the #CoffeeOps London meetup. Outside of work, Abby spoils her pup Zino and enjoys playing team sports.

Lou Bichard

Product Manager

Lou is a Product Manager at Gitpod, a Cloud Development Environment (CDE). Previously the Principal Engineer of Developer Experience for DAZN where he worked on internal developer platforms, serving over 500 internal developers.

Javid Habibi

Staff Solutions Engineer

Javid is a Staff Solutions Engineer at Upbound, where he leverages his expertise in Kubernetes, Crossplane, and system-design to help organizations accelerate their infrastructure goals.
Prior to Upbound, Javid spent over seven years at Microsoft where he held roles as a cloud solutions architect and product manager.
At Microsoft, Javid designed Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) solutions, launching key public previews like Web App Routing and KEDA for AKS, and was a core contributor to the Linux Sysinternals Suite. Javid is based in Seattle and enjoys taking his motorcycle out to the track in his free time.

Tiffany Grafton

Technical Product Manager
Great American Insurance Group

Tiffany Grafton is a Technical Product Manager at Great American Insurance Group, where her work leading cross-functional enterprise initiatives with Claims, Data & Analytics, and Risk & Compliance teams precedes this foray into the realm of Internal Developer Portal and DevEx.
She enjoys the collaboration and creativity involved in delivering great experiences and pours much care into serving as an early career mentor. Prior to GAIG, Tiffany learned about building technology and high-performing teams through hands-on digital transformation experience with multinational corporations in retail, aviation, and healthcare industries.

Adriana Villela

Sr. Staff Developer Advocate
Service Now Cloud Observability

Adriana Villela is a Sr. Staff Developer Advocate at ServiceNow Cloud Observability (formerly Lightstep), based in Toronto, Canada. She helps companies achieve reliability greatness through Observability, SRE, and DevOps practices. Previously, she managed a Platform Engineering team and an Observability Practices team at Tucows. Adriana has worked at various large-scale enterprises, both as an individual contributor and leader, including Bank of Montreal, Ceridian, and Accenture. Adriana is a public speaker, co-chair of the OpenTelemetry End User Working Group, blogger, host of the Geeking Out Podcast, CNCF Ambassador, and HashiCorp Ambassador.

Ana Margarita Medina

Senior Staff Developer Advocate

Ana Margarita Medina is a Senior Staff Developer Advocate, she speaks on SRE, DevOps, and Reliability. She is a self-taught engineer with over 13 years of experience, focusing on cloud infrastructure & reliability. She has been part of the Kubernetes Release Team since v1.25, serves on the Kubernetes Code of Conduct Committee, and is on the GC for CNCF's Keptn project, When time permits, she leads efforts to dispel the stigma surrounding mental health and bring more Black+ Latinx folks into tech


Can’t make the event?

All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing after the event.